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Convert incoming email signature into business contact with SolidNexus

Are you still manually entering your customer and lead contact details into contact database? Collect and manage your contacts the smart way. Learn how.

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How It Works

SolidNexus is a cloud based (SaaS) technology and algorithms to automatically capture contact details from email signatures and export captured contacts to address book, CRM or marketing apps helping to drive and increase sales.
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Email Signatures Scraping

Email signature scraping refers to the process of extracting signatures (aka email signature extraction) from emails and then parsing, i.e. breaking them down into pieces (names, phone numbers, titles, locations, social profiles, and more) and structuring these contact details into records ready to be added to your address book, CRM or marketing app. While simple for humans, this is actually quite a challenging task for machines. Thanks to SolidNexus' advanced technology based on Natural Language Processing algorithms the signature scraping is possible in no time and allow your team to stay productive.
Forget about manual field entry requirement for contacts, SolidNexus will take an email message or a block of text, parse everything out and do the work for you - figure out what's a phone number, what's a job title, and so on, put that information in fields, and save you 3-5 minutes work per contact! Even better SolidNexus will scan an email signature and compare it to what is currently in the address book (using the email address as the unique identifier) and update any fields that have changed. Of course you have a full control on which fields will be updated.
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Outlook Integration

SolidNexus is available as an Outlook add-in. Unlike a fully-automated and usually invisible contact extraction process, the 'supervised' mode of operation gives you a full control over each contact field. You immediately see an extracted contact, you can edit it to fix misspelled words, remove irrelevant information or add personal notes before sending contact to your address book or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
Most people would agree that one of the key points, and benefits, of a CRM system is to be able to get good quality data out in the format you need and when you need it. Regardless of the technological advances, CRM systems still rely heavily on people to enter correct data and maintain it so that the output is reasonable and reliable. By sending good quality verified contacts to your CRM you will allow it to work effectively and produce reliable information to help you achieve your business goals.
Available in Microsoft AppSource

Sync Your contacts with CRM & Marketing Apps

SolidNexus is integrated with Zapier online automation platform which allows syncing your contacts with many CRM and marketing apps without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. CRM apps include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, just to name a few.
Every time SolidNexus Outlook add-in saves a contact in Outlook address book, Zapier invokes a 'trigger' event receiving the contact as a payload. The trigger starts an automated workflow ('Zap') which has one or more actions to invoke your apps. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs. An app is a web service or application, such as Slack or Salesforce. Zapier offers integrations for over 2,000 apps, letting you move data between them or automate repetitive tasks.
Also SolidNexus offers an 'action' endpoint which allows to invoke Email Scraper web service providing just email headers and text body. The service should return parsed contact as a response. The action can be triggered by many apps, like GMail, Mailgun, Zoho Mail etc. Learn more...
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Get Started

Outlook LogoWhat you need to start with Outlook add-in
You need a free SolidNexus account (no credit card is required) and one of the supported applications for Outlook add-ins. The following clients support add-ins and compatible with SolidNexus:
  • Outlook 2016 or later on Windows
  • Outlook 2016 or later on Mac
  • Outlook on the web
  • Outlook on Windows (Microsoft 365)
  • Outlook on Mac (Microsoft 365)
The client must be connected to an Exchange server or Microsoft 365 using a direct connection. When configuring the client, the user must choose an Exchange, Office 365, or account type. If the client is configured to connect with POP3 or IMAP, add-in will not load.
Install SolidNexus add-in for Outlook from Microsoft AppSource
Zapier LogoWhat you need to start with Zapier integration
All you need is a free SolidNexus account and an account with Zapier. You can then send email messages from Zapier compatible apps to SolidNexus 'action' endpoint and from there send extracted contacts to one of the many apps supported by Zapier.
Steps required:
  • Create an account with SolidNexus
  • Create an account with Zapier
  • Create Zap using SolidNexus Email Parser 'action'
  • Connect your inbox with Zapier
  • Choose any of the hundreds of apps supported by Zapier as the target
Recognized languages - English only.
Works best with US contacts.


  • Unlimited Mailboxes*
  • 20
    Outlook Contacts or
    Zapier Trigger invocations
  • 40
    Zapier Action invocations
No credit card required
free forever
  • Unlimited Mailboxes*
  • 100
    Outlook Contacts or
    Zapier Trigger invocations
  • 200
    Zapier Action invocations
Good for growing small businesses
$9.95 /mo
billed monthly
  • Unlimited Mailboxes*
  • 500
    Outlook Contacts or
    Zapier Trigger invocations
  • 1000
    Zapier Action invocations
  • Online Dedicated Support via email
Good for larger businesses and teams
$39.95 /mo
billed monthly
*All limits of countable resources are shared between mailboxes

Extract leads and contacts from incoming emails the smart way!